GASRTI SOLUTION was established on 25 MAY 2008 and fully focusing into ICT industry and Training Center based on understanding to the wide scope of the IT industry and ventures into consulation services and R & D areas . GASTRI SOLUTION is a private limited company , 100 % owned by Bumiputera and registered under SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) the registration number is 071769173-A

GASTRI SOLUTION approach to the training center and ICT business , therefore we are able to concentrate our resources effectively to build our competitive position in the market. GASTRI SOLUTION
assured and belief that this company make seriously effort to be a viable company , and able to handle network. cabling and wireless project . This company bring about network computer training to co-operate training and non co-operate and the syllbus such as PC maintenance /Network , office Application (Microsolf word , PowerPoint,Microsoft Access.etc)

GASTRI SOLUTION hopes that will get moves more progressively and strengthen from time to time in produce product which uses high quality and can meet customer satifaction into achieve our company vision. Therefore, GASTRI SOLUTION thanks all parties involved for the support , cooperation and pay belief on the company.



Ø Sale all type of computers,laptop and hardware.

Ø Installation operating system.

Ø Installation software.

Ø Upgrade hardware.

Ø Computer cleaning service.

Ø Maintenance computer.


Ø Network setup & configuration.

Ø Server setting.

Ø Network troubleshooting.

Ø Wireless setup.

Ø Router configuration.

Ø Maintenance.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Tengok site pencawang maxis

Contoh gambar pencawang....

 Nie adlh cnth barang yg dignakan utk pencawang ini.....


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Di syarikat fercra

 Kami buat server di syarikat Fercra....selama 3 hari 3 mlm di  syarikt ini...

Di syarikat ini kami membuat server...pasang kabel disever...tarik kabel dari ats...configure network di syrikat nie...

Ini gmbar punch network dekat server....kami gna kabel cat5....

Nie punchnetwork di dinding...utk sambng ke kmputer...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Di syarikat antop

Syarikat Antop SDN. BHD. di syarikat ini kami membuat server...setup server smp jadi...

ini adalah bahagian depan server...kabel - kabel yg dah siap dibuat dan di test akan dipasang di server...semua kabel akan dipasang mengikut susunan...

ini adalah bahagian belakang server...

setelah siap semua kabel dipasang barulah kita setup server...

setup domain dikomputer...tukar nama dan password...